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In-Campus Dayout Camp
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Adventure of Hyderabad

Hyderabad”, the city of Pearls and Biryani and is the most Royal City where the World famous Charminar is situated. The name itself is so Royal that you can make out about the Highness of the city. The most interesting fact about Hyderabad is that is the blend of both Old and New Culture.

In-Campus Program

Day Out Camps are carried out from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm inside School Campus. Maximum of 100 students can participate in a day and gain real-life insights or education on overcoming hurdles through Experiential Learning.

The Jewel of Deccan, Hyderabad, Urban Trail. The City of Nizam

Out-door Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp typically stretches for 1 night and two days from 9:00 am to next day 2:00 pm and comprises of students from Class 4th to Class 12th but a size limit of 150 students is maintained. Camping setup is done in Keesaragutta (40 KM from Hyderabad city) & Vikarabad  (65 KM from Hyderabad city).

Other Experiential Learning Program

Wide range of options with unique experiences. 80+ locations 30,000+ satisfied customer and 200+ companies. Experience our Weekend Leadership Program.

What We Offer
In-Campus Dayout Camp9AM to 4PM (7 Hours)
In-Campus Overnight Leadership Camp9AM to Next day 11AM (26 Hours)
Out Door Leadership Camp9AM to 5PM (8 Hours)
Out Door Overnight Adventure based Leadership Camp1 Night 2 Days

Adventure of Hyderabad

3 Night 4 Days
4 Night 5 Days
5 Night 6 Days


Why Choose Erudite

  • More than 16 years of experience in adventure escapade.
  • Proficiency in Out Bound Training (OBT), Wilderness
  • Team Building and Adventure Sports.
  • Cater more than 100 corporate houses
  • Cater more than 200 Schools & Colleges.
  • Team of Professionals with more than 5 years of experience in OBT, Wilderness and Adventure

About Us

Based on theories of John Dewey and Kurt Hahn on, Erudite was established in the year 1998 in Hyderabad with the motto of imparting knowledge through Experiential Learning Techniques. We have our team of Experts and Professionals with more than 12 years of experience, who facilitate students and guide them through the entire process of Planning, Action, Experiences and Learning. Thus helping them with the process not hovering their knowledge and skills on students unlike the traditional approach of classroom based Learning.

 We majorly cater to school students and facilitate their needs for Experiential Learning. Thus empowering them with the qualities of Team Work, Group Dynamics, Team Strength, Empathy elements, Emotional Intelligence, Attitude and Behaviour towards Co worker, Society, Community, etc.

Ice Breaker Campaign | Fresher & Farewell Party


High School Principle

We simply can’t thank you enough for the great work you do. Ecstatic isn’t a strong enough word to explain how happy our students were with their Erudite tour. Right from the places visited, the activities performed everything was picture perfect, the meals and hotels, the additional sightseeing, and mostly the guides and college advisors on the tour. All seemed well managed and perfectly accomplished by your group. You were a wealth of information for the students and the tasks like knot practice, commando rope, Cargo Net was really helpful to develop their self-building skills. Students felt totally stressed out and came back extremely confident. We are going to add this experience of students in our schools yearly magazine and will inform all the other schools in our contact to let their students experience this mind-blowing tour from Erudite and all other wonderful things you do. Thank you.”

High School Student

The bus ride was really comfortable and the camp advisor on board the bus was hospitable to everyone. He cracked jokes to bring us all together and make the environment enjoyable. Also, he provided us the useful information about the trekking and camping processes and gave the prior idea about the activities we were going to perform. I liked Salar Jung Museum the most as I got very much to learn and explore the sculptures, paintings, carvings of those times. The food quality was good too and overall the trip was worth the money. Thank you Erudite for a wonderful trip.

High School Students PE Teacher

Just like kids, even teachers didn’t hesitate to share their experience about Erudite. Here’s what a school teacher said about our tour. Thank you for the wonderful trip. The students had a great time on our 4-day adventure tour of Hyderabad. All was picture perfect right from the rooms in the hotel up to the food which was served. The students got really excited about the whole experience, especially the visit to the old city made them explore the magnificent antiquated structures, domical mosques, and monuments. Apart from this, the activities performed in the camp gave good lessons to the students for preparing themselves for the future. I will like to go on another trip next year. And great snack on the Bus!! Thank you. Overall a great trip.

School Junior

No one tells better than the kids themselves. Check out what this kid wants to say about the experience he had on his trip. This Erudite experiential tour was educational, interesting and fun. I really enjoyed being able to travel to various different places along with my mates, It was a very different experience than I thought it would be – I really enjoyed it. The Erudite guides and advisors were really great and made my experience even better. I hope to go to another tour with Erudite and I will encourage my friends from another school to come on future tour. I can’t wait to share my experience with the family.

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